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28th February



Feb 28



Episode 5

It's Not For Everyone

A new recruit and her mentor get separated on a domestic abuse call with a violent offender. A traumatised family reports an attempted home invasion.

Mar 6



Episode 6

Anything Could Happen

A routine vehicle check takes an unexpected turn for GG when the driver assaults her. Liana and Dani arrest a drunk young woman suspected of shoplifting.

Episode 2

Nothing Personal

Rob tries to trace the source of a dangerous new batch of drugs that's been causing a spate of overdoses in Medway. Dan chases down an aggressive drunk driver.

Episode 3

Necessary Force

Response Officers Alysha and Amy are on the hunt for a teenager with a firearm. GG and Carl come to the rescue when a colleague is assaulted by a drunken...

Episode 4

Safe From Harm

Dan helps a vulnerable man whose flat has been taken over by drug dealers. Grant and Ellie respond to a fight, only to discover domestic abuse.

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