Episode 1

Horror On The Homestead

Three members of a tightknit community are gunned down and the locals want answers. However, it may turn out that the killer has been living among them.

Episode 2

Prescription For Murder

A well-respected dermatologist is found savagely tortured to death in his own exam room. The police are drawing blanks until they look through social media.

Episode 3

Blood Red Reunion

After a long-lost daughter reunites with her family, their peaceful Florida neighbourhood is devastated by scandal, betrayal, and a double-murder.

Episode 4

Flames Of Fury

A tight-knit community of West Virginia firefighters is horrified when they discover a suspicious fire is actually hiding a triple murder.

Episode 5

Homicide On The Rails

A spring break adventure turns deadly when a college student infiltrates a dangerous alternative community of train hoppers.

Episode 6

Blood On The Court

When a basketball star suddenly vanishes without a trace in summer 2003, his college sports community is thrust into a deadly scandal.

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