Episode 1

Hips to be Shared

Mikel Ruffinelli and her 99 inch hips have her husband Reggie falling head over heels. Excited to renew their vows, Mikel worries she will not find a dress to fit.

Episode 2

Nail'd It

LaRue Drummond is looking for a man to love her and her 17-inch long fingernails. She tries speed dating in hopes of nailing down a new man.

Episode 3

Seeking Mrs. Claus

A Georgia man by the name of Santa Claus is looking for his own Mrs. Claus. Meanwhile, can anyone handle Kristy Love's 48NN sized breasts?

Episode 5

Little Women, Big Love

4'1 Madison Clark goes to a matchmaker in hopes of meeting an average-sized man. While the woman with the smallest waist in the world is celebrating.

Episode 6

Head-Locked And Dreadlocked

The black Rapunzel, Asha Mandela, has 55-foot dreadlocks and a husband who is locked in love. And later, bodybuilder Tonya Moore struggles to find a man.

Episode 7

Popeye & The Wild Woman

Moustafa looks forward to the day he can wrap his large biceps around a woman, while Kellie challenges her date to keep up with her extreme lifestyle.

Episode 8

Bearded Lady And Black Albino

Annalisa debates about shaving before celebrating her wedding anniversary, while Nathan is a black albino seeking love in the city of angels.

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