Episode 1

Terror After Midnight

A young Hollywood celebrity goes out with friends in New York to celebrate her birthday. Just hours later, her body is discovered on an isolated overpass.

Episode 2

She Gave No Warning

A mother of five children vanishes without a trace. Heated interrogations and disturbing discoveries bring tensions to a boil as her family fights for justice.

Episode 3

Innocence Interrupted

The murders of two teenagers devastates their communities. Everyone is desperate for answers, who would kill the two young victims?

Episode 4

Brides And Murder

A newly engaged woman is discovered dead on New Year's Day. Investigators brush her death off as suicide, but her family are convinced foul play is involved.

Episode 5

Young Love Gone Wrong

When two young adults are found dead weeks apart police are stumped. Disturbing text messages and contradictory statements suggest they were murdered.

Episode 6

TV Dreams Cut Short

Two young women who dream of big success as television anchors are just embarking on their careers when their plans come to a violent end. What happened to them?

Episode 7

The Party Murders

A 19-year-old goes missing after going to a party. The discovery of her remains in a field 15 months later is devastating - who would do this to her?

Episode 8

Her Last Night Out

Two young women vanish after venturing out alone at night. Can clues that come from behind bars help solve the mysteries that surround these disappearances?

Episode 9

Who Pulled The Trigger?

The dreams of a promising young athlete come to an end when he is found shot to death. His family begin a relentless hunt for justice.

Episode 10

The Hidden Bodies

The remains of a 26-year-old woman are found inside a washer-dryer. Her murder shakes the entire community - but will they ever get answers to this heinous crime?

Episode 11

Killers Among Us?

A respected police officer is shot on his way home from work. Plus, a young man is found dead in his bed, what happened to these two men?

Episode 12

Why Did She Leave?

A 20-year-old disappears on the long drive home from her fiancé's place. Investigators suspect that someone from law enforcement might be responsible.

Episode 13

The Hidden Clues

Two 20-year-olds suffer personal tragedies then have their own lives abruptly taken. Will their families be able to prove what really happened?

Episode 14

Eyes On Her

Whilst delivering newspapers, a pregnant woman is murdered. Are strangers responsible for the brutal killing, or are the culprits known to the victim?

Episode 15

Guns And Secrets

After moving in with her new boyfriend, a woman is shot dead and an engaged couple are murdered. Will secrets from their past explain their deaths?

Episode 16

Death And Silence

The body of a musician is found in an alleyway and a construction worker disappears on the job. Police desperately search for clues about these callous murders.

Episode 19

Best Lives Cut Short

When an entrepreneur is gunned down, police suspect a hit. After a long night of partying, two friends' overdoses may be something more sinister.

Episode 21

Depths Of Depravity

The dismembered body of a missing woman turns up in trash bags. A detective's pursuit of the suspect prompts the question: Could this man be a serial killer?

Episode 22

Who Wanted Him Dead?

A US soldier meets harm in Upstate New York, and his killers may have been his fellow GIs. A missing man's haunting voicemail is his final clue.

Episode 23

Targeted In The Night

A 10-year-old girl walks home from her friend's house and then mysteriously vanishes. And, a night of celebration ends in murder for a young entrepreneur.

Episode 25

In Her Own Home

A college student is found stabbed to death in her bed. Detectives immediately find the murder weapon and an eyewitness, but the case stalls.

Episode 29

My Brother's Keeper

When LeRyan Nicholson's sisters investigate his disappearance, they uncover a series of secrets that lead them to the heart-breaking truth.

Episode 30

Murdered In Broad Daylight

When woman is stabbed to death in broad daylight, police think she knew her killer. And, new evidence after a deadly house fire points to arson.

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