Episode 1

The Party's Over

A young woman acts erratically at a restaurant and police take her into custody. They release her in the middle of the night - and she disappears.

Episode 2

Danger At Close Range

A bride-to-be vanishes weeks before her wedding. Suspicion swirls around her fiancé and ex-boyfriend before investigators switch focus to a co-worker.

Episode 3

Suspicious Circumstances

The families of two deceased mothers search for answers. Racheyl Brinson's husband says she fell to her death, while Jessica Alva allegedly hung herself.

Episode 4

Taken Before Graduation

Officers find a Georgia high school senior's strangled body in flames, sparking a long quest for justice. In South Carolina, a college student disappears.

Episode 5

Indiana Unsolved

A college student sends his sister a mysterious text about leaving the country. Later, his body turns up in a lake, weighed down by a backpack full of rocks.

Episode 6

What The Trees Know

A Georgia man suffers 17 stab wounds while on a hunting trip. Another man disappears without warning - the only clue is his burned-out car. What happened?

Episode 7

Suffer The Children

A five-year-old disappears and investigators discover problems at home. Plus, a young mother leaves a bar with a man she doesn't know - and ends up dead.

Episode 8

Secrets In The DNA

A truck driver finds an unconscious woman on a Missouri highway. Police determine the suspect attacked her elsewhere and placed her on the road.

Episode 9

Unseen Enemies

The murder of billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman in their mansion stuns Toronto. Barry is a mogul with many enemies, but who would want to kill his wife?

Episode 10

The Stuff Of Nightmares

A 14-year-old boy vanishes in Aruba while on a jet skiing outing with a man he had just met. His mother immediately suspects that it wasn't an accident.

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