Episode 1

The Body On Bowden Road

When 20-year-old Stephanie Shea Graham is found murdered on a desolate road, officers question those closest to her. Her killer's identity shocks everyone.

Episode 2

Maine Murder Mystery

A tiny town in Maine with a population of 80 residents is torn apart when a couple are shot dead in their own home. Who murdered the high school sweethearts?

Episode 3

The Secrets You Keep

Brittney Cosby and her girlfriend Crystal Jackson are looking forward to spending their future together. When they are brutally murdered, everyone is a suspect.

Episode 4

Nightmare On Oak Hollow Drive

When 68-year-old Etta Jean Westbrook is found dead in a quiet suburb in Texas, detectives turn to her loved ones for answers. What happened to her?

Episode 5

Evil In Idaho

When Lisa Stukey has not been seen or heard from for several weeks, Police find her decomposing body inside her home. The investigation leads to a shocking discovery!

Episode 6

High School Homicide

Extremely popular teenager Kathy Chou goes missing in Washington, shocking everyone. Then, a surprising tip leads to police looking at those closest to her.

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