Episode 1

1966 Chevy Time Machine

A 1966 Chevy Impala convertible gets a full makeover from Shorty and the crew, with new paint, motor, interior and top, plus a ton of rust repair.

Episode 2

Two-Tone C10

Shorty takes on the challenge of making a Vietnam veteran's '69 C10 cool. He hopes to achieve that by taking the truck back to stock, with original two-tone paint.

Episode 3

White Lightning Cutlass

A 1971 Cutlass is showing its age with styling best left in the '70s. Shorty and the team knock the urban cowboy out of the car and beef it up...

Episode 4

Matt Judon's Eldorado Rescue

NFL linebacker Matt Judon wants to make over his father's 1977 Eldorado. The guys bring it back to its original glory, with some Shorty touches.

Episode 5

Spicy Stock '67 Nova

Shorty and the team turn the shell of a '67 Nova into a mean street machine. They go back to stock with a new motor, transmission, interior and paint.

Episode 6

Unearthed Impala Treasure

Shorty and Terry unearth a rare treasure: a 1969 Impala with 14,000 original miles on it. Meanwhile, Pete is looking to upgrade his 1958 Impala.

Episode 7

Rare VW Delivery Part 1

Shorty and Pete track down an extremely rare Volkswagen delivery bus for a collector who dreams of creating a VW museum.

Episode 8

Rare VW Delivery Part 2

Work continues to get the Volkswagen delivery bus across the finish line with a new motor, new suspension, new stance and brand new wheels and tires.

Episode 9

'56 Bel Air Blues

The owner of '56 Bel Air has had some bad luck with his car going from shop to shop, and he still doesn't have his dream car ready. Shorty's shop...

Episode 10

Paul's '59 Impala Lowrider

Paul decides to take one of his '59s and go full lowrider with hydraulics and a full custom lowrider paint job. Shorty brings in his wife's '92 Mustang.

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