About The Show

Real stories of sex gone wrong, told by the couples themselves, the doctors, and through re-enactments. These are tales that must be seen to be believed.


Episode 1

One Wild Ride

A mechanical bull gives two easy riders electric shock, and a man's abdominal pain cuts a snowboard trip short and could cut off one of his testicles.

Episode 2

Pump and Go

A trucker's gas station game goes awry causing a road trip to the ER, and lovebirds get busy while mudding and have to face the consequences of their deed.

Episode 3

Hitting the Hay

A hay stacked romp in a barn causes a woman life-threating injuries and major embarrassment, and a caving adventure goes dark when a glow stick is suddenly missing.

Episode 4

Dirty Laundry

A weekly date night on a washing machine sends a woman to the ER before the laundry is done, and a woman's naughty knitting causes a strange diagnosis.

Episode 5

Mannequin Mischief

A couple working at a mannequin factory take a sexy time break that leaves one of them speechless, and a witch's wedding prep causes problems below.

Episode 6

Zombie Apocalypse

An apocalypse fantasy becomes a nightmare when visitors crash a couple's 5k romp, and a housewife's rejuvenation treatment plays havoc with her privates.

Episode 7

Routine Romance

A couple on holiday gets on a love boat and head to the ER after a marine mishap. Plus, a 12 hour sex-a-thon that ends with a collapse for a...

Episode 8

Super Secrets

A pregnant woman tries anything to start labour but a trip to the ER brings her a surprise. Plus, a superhero can't stay up after a night on the neighbourhood...

Episode 9

Prison Problems

A date is ruined after a quickie causes a catastrophe. Plus, a toy is stuck and won't stop buzzing but a couple is determined to have dinner with the boss...

Episode 10

Motivated Patient

Sexy salsa dancers get a little too frisky and must sashay their way to the hospital. Plus, a woman is in pain after experiencing never-ending arousal.

Episode 11

Three's a Crowd

A man and his wife come to the ER after a vacuum gets stuck, an ice rink quickie leaves a skater with a bizarre injury, and a threesome goes south.

Episode 12

Handy Man

A boyfriend turns installing a door knob into a sexy chore, but his methods leave him in the emergency room. Plus, a couple's embrace concludes in them falling in a...

Episode 13

Bedroom Eyes

A pirate and his first mate throw a party that causes a situation below deck. A couple gets in a tangle that ends in the ER after one of them...

Episode 14

Top 10 Mishaps

This special episode counts down the top ten mishaps, including sweet treats put in naughty places and dress up fantasies gone wrong.

Episode 15

Top 10 Moments In The Wild

From outdoor romps gone wrong to animals interfering at inopportune times, this hour features wild things that ended in the ER.

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