Episode 1

That's Not Mud

Don dives into a toxic sewer line. Ramone and George try to fix a sewage-filled basement, and Josh tries to break down a rock-solid formation of grit and fat.

Episode 2

The Gates Of Smell

In Connecticut, Rick searches for a mysterious clog in a treatment plant's outflow pipe. In New York, George and Ramone struggle to clear a clogged reservoir.

Episode 3

The North Arlington Fatberg

Don tries to remove a massive 'fatberg' of wipes, toiletries and trash blocking a residential sewer line. Plus, Ramon discovers a huge sewer break.

Episode 4

Goo Deja Vu

In Mount Vernon, a mysterious clog backs up a downtown neighbourhood's sewer line. In Cleveland, the debris from a severe storm backs up a critical grit chamber.

Episode 5

The Nose Knows

In Mount Vernon, an abandoned sewer line is overwhelmed by stagnant human waste. And in New London, a large clog could take down a city building.

Episode 6

Meat Me In Massachusetts

In Brooklyn, Dirty Water Don repairs outflow gates at a treatment plant. In Massachusetts, Rick tackles a grease trap at a meat cutting facility.

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