Episode 1

Earth 2.0

How could we recreate our atmosphere so that human civilization could flourish on other planets? Renowned physicist Dr Kaku explores different galactic possibilities.

Episode 2

Colonise the Galaxy

Could humankind colonise space? Dr Kaku investigates the possibilities of a galactic republic. Plus, how could a person be digitised and beamed into space?

Episode 3


Earth is under constant threat from asteroids and comets that could destroy the planet. Dr Kaku finds out how a rogue star could be detected, assessed and eliminated.

Episode 4


When the sun burns out, Earth's sky will ignite, and the oceans will boil. Dr Kaku seeks an alternative star that could support life at the centre of a new...

Episode 5


If Earth was invaded by a hostile alien civilization how could humanity defend itself? Dr Kaku examines early warning systems that could police our solar system.

Episode 6

First Contact

It is a statistical probability that other intelligent life forms exist in our galaxy: would we notice extra-terrestrial efforts to reach us? Dr Kaku finds out.

Episode 7

Destroy the Death Star

Dr Kaku wants to build a Star Fighter that could destroy the Death Star, and to help him on his mission he is meeting top strategists at the Pentagon.

Episode 8

Black Hole Odyssey

A black hole could destroy the solar system, so how could a human survive its gravitational pull and tunnel through space time itself? Dr Kaku investigates.

Episode 9

AI Uprising

As the rapid processing power of computers develops it looks likely that artificial intelligence will soon exceed our own. What will this mean for humanity's survival?

Episode 10

Cyborg Army

To understand how the human mind could control a cyborg army, Dr Kaku looks at existing technology that enables amputees to move prosthetic limbs by thinking.

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