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Fashion expert Gok Wan is at the Ava Rose Hamilton bridal boutique in Colne, Lancashire, to help northern ladies find their dream wedding dress.


Episode 1

Fourth Time Lucky

Reality star Kerry Katona is embarrassed about her fourth wedding and is bracing herself for criticism, but Gok convinces her she deserves to feel like a bride.

Episode 2

Crystal Clear Choice

Kate brings a bag of crystals to her appointment to help her say yes to the right dress. Tracey is going all out for an alternative wedding to her biker...

Episode 3

Mum's The Word

Gok is usually good with mums, but Emily's appointment has him almost speechless. Super-glam Nabesha has fought breast cancer and won't compromise on a dress.

Episode 4

Dragged Down The Aisle

Drag queen Orla Nothin' needs Gok to help make her wedding a celebration not a performance. Millie has forgotten how to feel good about herself.

Episode 5

I'm A Survivor

After suffering life-changing injuries, Emily wants to feel confident enough to walk down the aisle. 62-year-old Wendy aims to prove that age is just a number.

Episode 6

How Low Can I Go?

Temi's religious mum refuses to come to church if she chooses a revealing dress. Plus, Jess has a growing baby bump at her wedding dress fitting.

Episode 7

The Lowest Budget Ever

Gok faces a huge challenge when a pregnant bride reveals her tiny budget. Plus, Clare has lost four stone and has no idea what suits her new shape.

Episode 8

Pride In Each Other

Brides-to-be Shadia and Alice both need very different outfits for their big day. Hannah has lost any excitement she had for her wedding dress hunt.

Episode 9

Dreams In Tatters

Sammi's confidence is at rock-bottom and looking in the mirror fills her with dread. Hollie is bracing herself for an appointment with her opinionated mum.

Episode 10

Identical Twins Want The Same Dress

Identical twins Caitlin and Kristen are struggling to find their own style. Melissa wants a dress that will go with her walking cane.

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