Episode 1

Shivani & Mallika

Covid ruined bride Shivani's plans, but she's still out to find the perfect dress to marry her dream man. And wedding planner Malika knows exactly what she wants!

Episode 2

Mallika & Divya

A bride searches for a regal outfit straight out of a Bollywood movie, while another wants to pair a silk saree with her favourite sneakers.

Episode 3

Ishita & Shaneli

Ishita dreams of a perfect Bollywood wedding. Plus, Shaneli desires an idyllic scene with a perfect mix of American and Indian heritage.

Episode 4

Divine & Manisha

Divine is looking for a wedding gown that is anything but white. Meanwhile, Manisha wants the traditional red and gold outfit that's classic and timeless.

Episode 5

Ekta & Zinobia

Ekta is searching for the perfect lehenga in the right colour. Zinobia is a single mother on her second marriage who wants to look elegant on her big day.

Episode 6

Anushka & Barkha

Anushka is a perfectionist in all things, including her dress. Barkha is a fashion-focussed woman who wants to set an example for her social media fans.

Episode 7

Aakanksha & Divya

Aakanksha is looking for a lehenga that matches her unique style. For her second marriage, Divya is making the decisions she was unable to the first time around.

Episode 8

Steffi & Natasha

Comfort-loving Steffi is a Christian marrying a Sindhi and is determined to find the perfect outfit. Natasha is determined to enjoy her Parsi wedding process.

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