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Join traveller, hitch hiker and biker Austin Vince on a journey of rediscovery along Britain’s historic routes to reveal the country’s rich heritage.


Episode 1

General Wade's Military Roads

Austin retraces the steps of General Wade, who at the order of King George I, built an impregnable series of fortresses in defence of the Highlanders.

Episode 2


Austin investigates the Tay Bridge, an example of impressive Victorian engineering. After only a few years, it collapsed, killing 70 people - why?

Episode 3

Cornish Tin

Austin travels to Cornwall which was home to the richest deposits of tin in Europe. The once thriving mining industry has now totally collapsed.

Episode 4

The Severn Crossings

Austin travels up and down the Severn estuary. People have been constantly trying to breach the crossing for thousands of years - why?

Episode 5

The Isle Of Man TT Race

Austin gears up for 37 miles on one of the world's most famous road races. He explores British motorcycling history and he meets world champion Geoff Duke.

Episode 6

The Slate Slate Show

Austin explores the mountains surrounding Ffestiniog, Wales. The landscape has been altered by generations of slate-miners as they search for 'grey gold'.

Episode 7

The Life Of Lutyens

Austin studies the defining works of the architect Edwin Lutyens. His journey begins in Surrey and ends at Lutyens's Nirvana in New Delhi.

Episode 8

I K Brunel

Austin explores three of Brunel's greatest engineering masterpieces - The Great Western Railway, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain.

Episode 9

The Telford Trail

Austin pays homage to one of the 19th century's most prolific civil engineer, Thomas Telford. He built over a thousand bridges and a number of canals.

Episode 10

Fortress Guernsey

Austin Vince travels over the English Channel to Guernsey. He explores the island and the remnants of the German occupation of British soil.

Episode 11

West End Cinemas

Austin explores London's amazing variety of cinema designs, from the first cinema to IMAX. Then, he meets the resident organist at the Odeon in Leicester Square.

Episode 12

The Ridgeway Path

Austin travels along the Iron Age highway of the Ridgeway Path that stretches form Dunstable to Swindon. He searches for its historical and archaeological sites.

Episode 13

The Sewers

Austin Vince explores the deep sewers of Leicester and discovers a fascinating hybrid of Victorian grace and ultra-modern concrete installations.

Episode 14

The Manchester Ship Canal

Austin investigates the history of one of Manchester's boldest and most expensive city developments. He also considers the canals future.

Episode 15

The Thames Trail

Austin journeys along the Thames from Teddington Lock in the west to Woolwich in the east. He learns about shipbuilding, treasure hunting and flood prevention.

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