Episode 1


Terrifying reports surface of a creature terrorizing the Florida Keys. Jeremy Wade sets off to the Sunshine State to find out what is triggering these unusual attacks.

Episode 2

Terror in Paradise

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade travels to the Bahamas after hearing tales of swimmers being ripped from the surface of blue holes surrounding the Paradise Island.

Episode 3

Devil of the Deep

A chilling report of mutilated dead bodies ravaged by a mysterious ocean creature sends Jeremy on a dangerous mission from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico to Peru.

Episode 4

Deep Sea Demon

Jeremy heads to Southeast Asia in search of the mythological sea serpent. But will his freshwater knowledge be enough to tackle this monster of the deep?

Episode 5

Death Down Under

Jeremy reveals the stories and his personal thoughts on his quest to capture one very elusive species. He heads to northern Australia in search of this killer.

Episode 6

Secrets At Sea

A behind-the-scenes episode where Jeremy reveals just what it takes to move river monsters into the open ocean and the crew opens up about their struggles on board.

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