Episode 1

Invisible Enemy

Tragedy strikes after Tia and M2 agree to take two emaciated hounds from a shelter. Mariah and Lizzy help two dogs while working through the chaos of the pandemic.

Episode 2

No Wolf Left Behind

When over 50 hybrid hounds are found abandoned in Texas, Tia is faced with her most challenging rescue to date and is determined to find the best solution.

Episode 3

Diamond In The Rough

During the pandemic, Tia and Mariah must shut down their restaurant and boutique. Meanwhile, a Villalobos senior canine veteran finally finds a forever home.

Episode 4

Earl's Path

Nearly a year has passed since Earl's run-in with the law, and Earl and Toney join forces to rescue a dog from an abandoned home. Mariah must make a difficult...

Episode 5

Befriending A Beast

After rescuing 30 hybrid wolfdogs, Tia, Tania, and the twins return to Texas. Plus, Toney and Earl band together to deliver meals to the elderly.

Episode 6

Life In A Cage

Villalobos is at its limit when the number of rescues rise. Lizzy and Toney travel to a remote part of the city to save some orphaned dogs in a dire...

Episode 7

Sound Of Silence

Tia gives a hybrid wolfdog a second chance. At the vet, Lizzy is forced to make a tough call for a new rescue and later helps a pair of hearing-impaired...

Episode 8

Evading Capture

On the streets of New Orleans, the Villalobos crew is on a mission to catch a runaway dog. And, a paralyzed pup named Polly takes a trip to the vet.

Episode 9

Mother Of Chaos

A couple from California hopes to adopt a dog that is comfortable in water. Plus, Mariah's mission to save an abandoned dog leads to something extraordinary.

Episode 10

Change On The Horizon

A hurricane is heading towards New Orleans. M2 and Kenani rush to prepare for baby number two and Tia and Tania's rescue mission takes a sudden turn.

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