Episode 1

Heart-Stopping Moments

Tia looks back at Villalobos' most harrowing moments, from a wildfire to battling Hurricane Isaac's flood waters and ensuring each dog's safety.

Episode 1

Twist Of Fate

Tia and M2 are preparing a pit bull for her forever home, but the adoption takes an unexpected turn. Plus, a new parolee comes to Villalobos from Boston.

Episode 2

Saved From The Fight

Tia comes to the rescue of five injured dogs who have been used for fighting. Plus, parolee Spencer is released from jail and returns to Villalobos.

Episode 2

Raised In Rescue

Tia's daughter Mariah recounts her experience of being born into the rescue life. She reveals her first solo rescue and losing her beloved dog, Sloth.

Episode 3

Sisters In Rescue

Tia, Tania and Mariah recount their biggest successes and losses. They reflect on their first road trip adoption and adopting out some of their favourite canines.

Episode 3

Pack Of Puppies

When a litter of puppies are dropped off at Villalobos, Tia and M2 turn to social media to get them adopted. Plus, Mariah and Lizzy struggle to catch a stray.

Episode 4

Married Into Rescue

Tia recounts her favourite memories involving M2 and Lizzy, from rescuing an old retriever on the streets of New Orleans, to an unforgettable wolf-hybrid rescue.

Episode 4

Dogs In Prison

A Pennsylvania prison offers to take 20 dogs from Villalobos. An emaciated pit bull that was left on the side of the road fights for its life.

Episode 5

Matter Of Life

Tia looks back at Villalobos' most memorable shelter rescues. She reveals unforgettable moments including the Breaux Bridge fighting dogs.

Episode 5

You Are Free

Tania struggles to rescue a puppy hiding under a shed. A potential adopter seeks a companion for her dog, and a beloved employee learns he's finally off parole.

Episode 6

Fall From Grace

Mariah and Spencer rescue a dog with severe injuries. Plus, a parolee gets arrested and a couple hope to find a friend for their bulldog.

Episode 6

The Parolee's Journey

Parolees get a chance to transform and thrive at Villalobos. Tia reveals the valuable roles parolees Earl, Country Matt and others have while at the centre.

Episode 7

Rescued From War

Tia takes in a pit bull that was rescued from awful conditions in Kuwait. Meanwhile, when a stray dog arrives at Villalobos, Earl is determined to find the owner.

Episode 7

Rescuing Puppies

Parolees get a chance to transform and thrive at Villalobos. Tia reveals the valuable roles parolees Earl, Country Matt and others have while at the centre.

Episode 8

Escaping Death

When an aggressive dog is in danger of being put down, Tia heads to South Carolina to save him. Plus, parolee Toney Converse takes on more responsibility.

Episode 8

Miracle Dogs

Tia recounts Villalobos' most memorable miracle rescues including Hilda, the therapy pooch who survived the streets, and Curtis, a dog that suffered a gunshot wound.

Episode 9

Weather The Storm

Villalobos prepares for Hurricane Barry with Tia and the crew urgently ensuring the animals' safety. Later, a cancer survivor hopes to rescue an unwanted dog.

Episode 10

Danger Ahead

When Kenani is in a serious motorcycle accident, Tia and the Villalobos crew must band together to ensure him a speedy recovery. Plus, an ex-marine looks for a dog.

Episode 11

The Toughest Choice

At an Alabama shelter, Tia and Earl face a tough decision on an elderly hound. Plus, an aggressive dog is found roaming a trash-filled backyard.

Episode 12

Last Chance Rescue

Tia races to rescue four dogs from a rural shelter in Louisiana from euthanasia. Plus, Mariah and Toney give a scared, shy dog a shot at a forever home.

Episode 13

Unexpected Call

The team are faced with an emotional and physical challenge in the form of a severely under-nourished pit bull. Then, they have to rehabilitate a dog left in a shop.

Episode 14

The Villalobos Bowl

Before heading to New York City's Dog Bowl, Mariah and M2 prepare their most eligible rescues for the big day. Later, Tony and Earl discover a wounded stray.

Episode 15

Unexpected Development

Moe and Lizzy reveal they are expecting a child and the family band together to host a gender party. Plus, Lizzy goes the extra mile for her favourite dog.

Episode 16

One Man's Treasure

Toney and Earl rescue an aggressive dog found tied up in front of an abandoned home. And, Mariah helps a deserted canine struggling with neurological issues.

Episode 17

Everything For Emma

Mariah looks for a homeless woman needing to give up her beloved pit bull. Lizzy prepares her favourite rescue for a home after dealing with his medical issues.

Episode 18

Rescue Dogs Reunited

Tia and M2 welcome back a couple wanting to reunite their adoptee. Mariah does everything she can to nurse VRC's first Louisiana rescue back to health.

Episode 19

Not Giving Up

The crew helps Lizzy find and injured dog and a long-time employee gets exciting news about his future. Meanwhile, Mariah helps a dog facing tumour surgery.

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