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6th December



Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Dogs Who Stole Our Hearts

Behind the scenes stories and a look back at the unique dogs that had a major impact on Tia's family and the parolees who helped them.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Golden Girl

Former adopters come back to Villalobos to adopt another dog. Mariah faces a challenging rescue when she realizes that the dog in danger is deaf.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

My Underdog Life

Lizzy and Marcel team up to catch a stray pit bull on the streets near the centre. Tia's memoir is complete and she's ready to share the first copy with...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Pressure Cooker

Villalobos faces one of their most challenging rescues when a house fire reveals a massive dog-hoarding situation. Two teachers fall in love with a deaf puppy.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Fire Dog

A year after losing their house in a fire, M2 and Kanani do something special for the dog who saved their lives. And, a parolee returns after a mysterious absence.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

A Box Of Puppies

A woman who loves adopting older dogs is ready for another. Plus, Mariah and Kanani are searching for a box of puppies left to fend for themselves.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Like A Boss

Earl finds a dog with a bad infection and riddled with tumours, and the team do everything they can to help her. Plus, a lawyer looks to adopt an active...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Southern Dogs In The City

Villalobos are invited to the Dog Bowl, which is an amazing opportunity for rescues to get adopted. Plus, a couple are looking to adopt their first dog.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Last Of The Mobsters

The team rush to rescue a dog found on a busy highway. Plus, a family travel from Massachusetts to find a four-legged friend to add to their household.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Raised In Rescue

A stray dog found under a home is terrified of humans. Plus, a couple who have visited Villalobos before want to adopt a dog that is comfortable on a boat.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

The Pitz Carlton

Lizzy and Elise struggle to rescue a dangerously dehydrated dog. Plus, an abandoned and anxious dog is moved to a new warehouse for dogs with special needs.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Love At First Sight

Kanani and his fiancée M2 are busy preparing for their upcoming wedding. Plus, Jammall finds an abandoned dog and he needs Mariah's help to rescue it.

Dec 6


Episode 13

Happy Howl-O-Ween

Villalobos throws a Halloween party to raise money for the rescue. An old friend returns and Lizzy struggles to rescue a stray dog in the middle of the night.

Dec 13


Episode 15

Treasure Not Trash

After a challenging rescue, Tiana is shocked by the condition of a stray dog. Meanwhile, Tia and the family tackle their messy pigeon problem.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Home Is Where The Dog Is

One of Earl's favourite senior dogs has a chance at finding a forever home. Plus, Tia heads to a shelter in Louisiana to help with a hound they've taken in.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Here In Their Golden Years

Tania and Maria create a retirement centre for senior dogs at one of the warehouses. Meanwhile, Lizzy rescues a dog whose skin is in an awful condition.

Dec 20


Episode 20

Match Made Perfect

Lizzy and Elise struggle to rescue a stray dog found on the train tracks. Plus, a woman falls in love with a Labrador, but her current dog isn't so welcoming.