Episode 1

Manson Family Murders

In the 1960s Charles Manson enticed women to live with him in a Californian desert commune. He ordered his followers to commit a string of gruesome murders.

Episode 2

Heaven's Gate

In 1997, Heaven's Gate leader, Marshall Applewhite convinced 39 people to end their lives. Two survivors tell their experience of the largest mass suicide in the US.

Episode 3

The Sinful Messiah

In 2014 a severed limb draws attention to The Work, an apocalyptic cult led by 'Sinful Messiah', Julius Shacknow, who demanded terrible sacrifices from followers.

Episode 4

The Movement Of God

Sam Fife inspired a global network of nondenominational Christians. Survivors and victims recount the violent exorcisms, beatings and brainwashing they endured.

Episode 5

Children Of God

David Berg's Children of God cult attracted thousands of followers, including the late River Phoenix's family. But its message of free love became sinister.

Episode 6

Word Of Faith

Lost souls flock to the Word of Faith Fellowship, led by Pastor Jane Whaley. But deliverance comes at a price, including physical and psychological abuse.

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