Episode 1

Home Sweet Hell

A gun store robbery ignites a federal investigation into arson, violence and murder. But, soon the detectives come face to face with an unlikely killer.

Episode 2

The Devil's Ranch

A student disappears on Spring Break in Mexico. When a man runs a drug checkpoint, the investigation takes a grisly turn into the world of human sacrifice.

Episode 3

A Murder She Wrote

An Iowa mum is hailed a hero when she shoots an intruder in her home. But as the case evolves, detectives encounter a manipulator seeking revenge.

Episode 4

Angel Of Death

When a jilted lover enters a police station with wild accusations against her ex, one detective questions her motives. But he has no idea how dark her secrets are.

Episode 5

A Handsome Devil

When a Luzerne County detective follows up on a series of home invasions to help a friend, his investigation takes him to a serial sociopath.

Episode 6

Blood & Oil

In 2012, a missing person case in North Dakota alerts investigators. They reveal a scheme involving stolen fracking profits, a ruthless conman and his murderous partner.

Episode 7


When an officer pulls over a reckless driver, he unravels a series of murders. Investigators track a sadistic killer with a taste for torture, robbery, and bloodlust.

Episode 8

The Executioner

When a boat distributor reports a potential yacht theft, a sting operation ensnares a manipulator with a surprising day job and an appetite for money and murder.

Episode 9

Homicide On The Range

The suspicious disappearance of family man Cody Bowels, alerts the local police. Their routine inquiry exposes a heartless killer with a checkered past.

Episode 10

Hate And Fury

When three synagogues simultaneously go up in flames, agents work relentlessly to solve the arsons. What they discover is a sinister plot of bigotry, fire and fury.

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