Episode 1

Catching Up With The Quints

The Busbys are back and life is more chaotic than ever! Adam & Danielle have their hands full chasing after their 15 month old quints.

Episode 1

The Quints Take Manhattan - Part One

A talk show asks the Busbys to make a live TV appearance in New York - but travelling with six kids is as difficult as it sounds!

Episode 2

All Eyes On Hazel

The Busbys take a road trip to Lake Charles to help Mimi with her garage sale. Meanwhile, Danielle & Adam wrestle with a difficult decision.

Episode 2

The Quints Take Manhattan - Part Two

The kids get kitted out in winter gear ahead of their live TV appearance in New York. Hazel's trip to the doctor raises concerns.

Episode 3

A Quint In Crisis

When Hazel undergoes eye surgery, Adam and Danielle must anxiously wait to find out if it was a success. Meanwhile at home, Blayke prepares for kindergarten.

Episode 4


When Danielle catches the flu, Mimi struggles to take care of 5 babies on her own. Later, Adam plans a 10-year anniversary surprise for Danielle.

Episode 5

This Little Quint Stays Home

Danielle and Adam explore sending the quints to a nursery, but when one isn't allowed to go, they face the difficult decision of splitting the girls up

Episode 6

Five Babies on a Budget

Danielle confronts Adam about his money spending and they realise they need to make some tough choices to provide for their six girls.

Episode 7

A Nightmare On Quint Street

It's Halloween, but before the Busby's can get to the trick-or-treating, they must find costumes, shop for pumpkins and get the house Halloween-ready.

Episode 8

Quint-cation Chaos

The Busbys are getting ready for the quints' first family vacation, but with five toddlers running wild, it feels more like work for Adam and Danielle.

Episode 9

The Quints' First Year

It's the Quints' 1st birthday! The Busbys to celebrate this momentous occasion, and reflect back on the first year of raising quintuplet girls.

Episode 10

A Thanksgiving Miracle

It's Thanksgiving at the Busby household! Adam and Danielle decide to host 20 people but have they been overambitious? Plus, Hazel has a major breakthrough.

Episode 12

Dawn Of The Terrible Twos

With the quints hitting the 'terrible twos' the Busbys are busier than ever. Danielle plans a Valentine's Day dinner, but things don't go as planned.

Episode 13

A Little Potty Never Killed No Body

With the possibility of another surgery looming for Hazel, Adam stresses over her upcoming appointment with a new doctor.

Episode 14

Good Quints Gone Bad

The Busbys tackle discipline to get the terrible twos under control. Meanwhile, Danielle presses Adam for answers on how he's been feeling.

Episode 15

Extreme Quint Makeover

While Adam struggles with his emotional issues, the Busbys tackle a playroom makeover for the quints and Blayke. Plus, Hazel gets fitted for new glasses.

Episode 16

Multiple Births, Multiple Birthday

The family plans a joint birthday extravaganza for all their girls. But Blayke wonders why she must share her birthday and wants a day of her own.

Episode 17

The Nightmare Before Easter

It's Easter and the Busbys celebrate by painting eggs, finding treats and having a huge Easter egg hunt! And, Adam makes a decision about therapy.

Episode 18

While The Busbys Are Away The Quints Will Play!

Adam and Danielle head to Nashville, leaving the family to watch the quints. But they may not be up to the challenge.

Episode 19

Battle Of The Busby Baby Photos

The Busby's compete to see who can take the cutest photo of the quints for the cycle studio. Later, Adam makes a big decision concerning his emotions.

Episode 20

Mother's Day Getaway

When the family take a vacation to the beach, the Quints experience the ocean for the first time and Adam opens up to Nick and Dale about his recent struggles.

Episode 21

The Busby's Newest Addition

The Quints are thrilled when invited to be grand marshals of the League City parade. And Danielle announces she wants to work more at the cycle studio.

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