Ghost Ship Legends: The Mysterious Fate of the SS Ourang Medan

Sometime in the 1940s, the crew of the SS Ourang Medan were reportedly found dead, eyes wide open and teeth bared, but what happened aboard this ghost ship? Did it even exist? Read on to find out about one of the twentieth century’s most chilling maritime mysteries.

18 September 2023

In the annals of seafaring folklore, tales of ghost ships haunting the vast expanses of the world’s oceans have often captured the imagination. Among the most intriguing and chilling is the tale of the SS Ourang Medan.

Yet the very existence of the Ourang ghost ship is a topic of debate among historians and maritime experts. Some argue that there’s simply no concrete evidence that the ship ever sailed the seas at all, suggesting the story might be a confluence of various legends, told and retold over time. Others believe that a cover-up might be hiding the true tale of this ill-fated vessel.

This deep dive embarks on a journey through dark and turbulent waters, navigating between purported fact and ghostly fiction, attempting to uncover the real story of the SS Ourang Medan mystery, its inexplicable demise, and the reasons it has remained one of the most enduring ghost ship legends of all time.

What happened on this ship? Was it a natural calamity, a clandestine operation gone wrong, or perhaps something more sinister? Did the Indonesia ghost ship even exist or is it nothing more than an urban legend?

The SS Ourang Medan: Fact or Fiction?

The legend of the SS Ourang Medan is believed to have begun in the 1940s when distress signals echoed through maritime frequencies. These weren’t just any distress signals, they described a harrowing scene aboard a ship which may never have set sail.

In Morse Code, the ship’s radio operator was reported to have sent a message, later transcribed in a number of accounts: ‘S.O.S. from Ourang Medan. We float. All officers including the captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead.

A number of incoherent Morse Code transmissions followed, and then perhaps the most chilling of all. The final message received from the radio operator was simply: ‘I die.’ Nothing more was heard.

A number of incoherent Morse Code transmissions followed, and then perhaps the most chilling of all. The final message received from the radio operator was simply: ‘I die.’ Nothing more was heard.

One of the most popular recounts of the ship’s route is that it may have been travelling from either Indonesia or China to Costa Rica and became distressed in the Straits of Malacca. However, as with almost every element of this story, verifiable facts – if indeed there are any – and fiction have become permanently blurred to the point where every telling and retelling of the story produces yet more layers of mystery.

One thing’s for certain. Ourang translates as ‘man’ in Sumatran, and Medan is a place in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, so the ‘Man of Medan’ lost ship is deeply rooted in Indonesian nomenclature, adding an additional layer of local intrigue to the global maritime mystery.

The Rescue Attempt

Upon hearing the distress call, it was reported that two American ships were in the vicinity, the City of Baltimore and the Silver Star. It was the latter (some narratives suggest it could have been either a British or Australian ship) which reacted fastest and headed to the SS Ourang Medan’s last known location.

It’s believed to have taken them over a day to get to the stricken ship. When they arrived, the most commonly told story suggests they found a scene of abject terror. Bodies were said to have been found all over the ship’s deck with teeth bared, eyes open and fear on their faces.

Faced with this grisly tableau, the crew of the Silver Star boarded the ship. Yet the story goes that within minutes a fire broke out on this now-infamous Indonesia ghost ship, forcing their retreat. A huge explosion swiftly followed and the ship sank into the depths of the Straits of Malacca. How did a fire break out a day after the entire crew were supposed to have died?

To add further intrigue, the Silver Star’s ships logs don’t make any mention of a rescue attempt in the Straits of Malacca.

If that wasn’t enough, one writer suggested that the Ourang ghost ship was found with a lifeboat missing and speculation grew that there was a survivor. Some versions of the story tell of a German who managed to escape the horrors of this ‘Man of Medan’ lost ship, and washed up on Taongi Atoll in the Marshall Islands where he was found by a missionary.

This element of the story becomes rather fanciful if one bears in mind that the straight line distance between the Malacca Strait and Taongi Atoll is somewhere in the region of 5,000 miles. Adding in the complex navigational route could potentially add a further 1,500 miles or more to that journey.

Before succumbing to his injuries, this mysterious German survivor is believed to have told an Italian journalist the ship was carrying a huge and poorly stored supply of ‘oil of vitriol’, better known today as sulphuric acid, which was the cause of the deaths of the entire ship’s complement.

Did the SS Ourang Medan Exist?

A ghost ship amongst misty fog. (Credit: Sonia Hache via Getty Images)

This is the question that some find to be the most intriguing of all. Among the ongoing examination of the story, a number of key points are often examined:

Absence from Official Registers

The SS Ourang Medan doesn’t appear in Lloyd’s Shipping Register. This is significant because Lloyd’s Register is one of the primary and most reputable sources of information on ships and their details. The absence of the ship from such an important maritime record raises questions about its existence.

Lack of Documentation

There are no known photographs, crew manifests, build records, or other official documentation that would typically be associated with a ship of the era.

No Wreckage Records

No wreckage of the Ourang ghost ship has ever been officially located or identified. While the legend suggests it sank shortly after the alleged incident, one would expect some documentation or record of the sinking if it indeed occurred.

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The Different Versions of the Story

Over time, dozens of versions of the story have been circulated. These variations in details (from the nature of the distress call to the sequence of events) often cast doubt on the authenticity of the account. However the common strand in every version of the story is whether or not the SS Ourang Medan ever existed.

No Corroborating WItnesses

While the Silver Star is said to have responded to the distress call, there’s a lack of corroborating evidence or testimonies from its crew or from other ships that might have been in the vicinity.

Source of the Legend

Many trace the origin of the legend to a series of articles in the 1940s and 1950s. One significant source is a 1952 article in the U.S. Coast Guard’s publication, Proceedings of the Merchant Marine Council. While this would seem like a credible source, the narrative is often seen as a recounting of rumours rather than an official report.

Given these inconsistencies and a distinct lack of concrete evidence, many researchers and maritime historians are sceptical about the existence of this bizarre Indonesia ghost ship, viewing it as more of a fanciful legend rather than a factual event.

The SS Ourang Medan Mystery

The story of the SS Ourang Medan has given rise to numerous theories about what might have happened to the ship and its crew, ranging from the plausible to the paranormal.

Hazardous or Poisonous Materials

Some have theorised that a malfunction in the ship’s boiler system could have led to carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to the death of the crew. Others speculate that the ship might have been carrying a cargo of hazardous chemicals, such as a combination of potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin, or other volatile substances like sulphuric acid, that may have leaked and caused the crew to succumb to poisonous fumes.

Piracy or Foul Play

There’s a theory that the Man of Medan lost ship might have been involved in illegal activities, and the crew met their end through foul play either by a rival faction or internal discord. Given the lack of concrete evidence and documentation, some have proposed that it might have been a cover-up to hide some form of misconduct or clandestine activity.

Natural Phenomena

One scientific explanation is the possible involvement of natural sea phenomena such as the release of methane hydrates. Methane could have been released from the seabed and engulfed the ship, causing the crew to suffocate and potentially leading to an explosion.

Elaborate Hoax

Given the lack of verifiable evidence and the inconsistencies in the dozens of different versions of the story, a prevailing theory is that the story of

the SS Ourang Medan is a hoax, an exaggerated tale, or a conflation of several unrelated incidents, perhaps fabricated as a cautionary tale or simply to entertain.

An Otherworldly Explanation?

Given the eerie nature of the distress messages and the reported state of the crew’s bodies, some have delved into supernatural explanations, suggesting that the Indonesia ghost ship might have succumbed to otherworldly forces. A more fringe theory is that the ship had an encounter with an unidentified flying object, leading to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of the crew.

Each theory brings its own set of questions and intrigue, adding to the rich tapestry of bewilderment that envelops the SS Ourang Medan mystery. The truth, elusive as it may be, remains a topic of speculation and discussion which continues to pique curiosity and fuel imagination.

The Murky Waters of Truth

In the vast tapestry of maritime lore, the tale of the SS Ourang Medan is an eerily elusive enigma that has both baffled and captivated generations. Whether due to the power of the natural world, a harrowing unexplained event, a sailor’s tale spun from the depths of imagination, or perhaps because someone, somewhere has determined it should be so, the SS Ourang Medan will likely sail the shadowy waters of legend forever.


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