About The Show

Myth, urban legend and horror movie dread violently collide with real-life killers in desolate areas where no one can hear the victims scream.


Episode 1

Big Sky Mystery

A 31-year-old mother of three vanishes without a trace in rural Montana. Police uncover a trail of deceit, betrayal, and greed that leads them to the truth.

Episode 2

Gitchie Manitou Massacre

A massacre in Gitchie Manitou State Preserve leaves four teenagers dead. But a witness comes forward with an incredible tale of murder and survival.

Episode 3

Murder On Kimsey Mountain

A woman tries to leave her abusive husband but must still see him for their kids. On a visit to his remote mountain home, she finds there's no escape.

Episode 4

The Woman Who Worked Alone

An Arkansas real estate agent heads to the country to show a rural home to some prospective buyers. But when she arrives, her worst fear comes true.

Episode 5

Fight Like A Mother

When a mother meets three strangers at a bar, she ends up fighting for her life. They kidnap and torture her, leaving her for dead in the Arkansas forests.

Episode 6

Sojourn To Hell

When Laura Cowan falls on hard times, a friend of the family steps in to help. But to her horror, she discovers their safe haven is nothing more than a...

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