About The Show

History enthusiast Don Wildman unearths extraordinary relics and sinister artefacts, each with an incredible story to tell and a secret to be revealed.


Episode 1

Ball Of Mystery And More

Don investigates an ominous orb with unusual powers, an interstellar sound from the dark side of the moon and the true identity of a world-renowned writer.

Episode 2

Ancient Alien And More

Don examines an ancient carving linked to alien activity, a scalpel used by America's first serial killer and an item buried beneath the World Trade Centre.

Episode 3

Presidential Premonition

Don investigates an eerie premonition about a presidential assassination, a legendary treasure and a miraculous resurrection of 40,000-year-old worms.

Episode 5

Cosmic Collision

Don Wildman investigates a haunted hotel that inspired a bestselling book, a strange green orb at a football game and the most famous ear in history.

Episode 6

Jolly Jane And More

Don Wildman investigates a nurse who is one of history's most prolific serial killers, an explosion that changed NASA's space programme and a bizarre bunny.

Episode 7

Ghost In The Closet And More

Don investigates the story of a poltergeist terrorising a family, a terrifying security breach and a patriotic competition that caused embarrassment.

Episode 8

Scared To Death And More

Don Wildman investigates a witch's curse, a deadly explosion in a Texas school and a charming bandit with impeccable manners.

Episode 10

Hurricane Ghost And More

Don Wildman investigates a guardian ghost, a piece of debris from a commercial plane that was bombed out of the sky, and the Roswell crash.

Episode 11

Lonely Hearts Killer And More

Don investigates Jayne Mansfield's death, an interstellar object believed to be a UFO and a serial killer who preyed on lovelorn women in the 1900s.

Episode 12

Space Angels And More

Don investigates the terrifying truth behind a piece of American literature, a missing child who captivated a nation and an angelic encounter in space.

Episode 13

The Witch Is Back And More

Don Wildman investigates the return of the Bell Witch, Thomas Edison's strangest invention and how a television legend helped win World War II.

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