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About The Show

Lindsay out-drinks her shorter girlfriends at a bar. Bryan’s job offer means Haleigh must give up her career, and Lexie struggles to find a dress that fits.


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Episode 1

My Giant Baby

Haleigh, 6'8" and Bryan, 5'8" survived their first year of marriage and a cross-country move. But an unexpected pregnancy with possible complications raises concerns.

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Episode 2

Variety In All Sizes

Haleigh and Bryan face pregnancy problems and prepare for the baby's arrival. New roommates Lindsay, 6'9" and Krista, 6'6" bond during a night out in Las Vegas.

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Episode 3

Abnormally Tall

After vowing to improve her dating life, 6'6" Alicia Jay has a date. Sparks fly but will her secret scare him off? Plus, Lindsay and Krista row over stolen clothes.

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Episode 4

Tall Jokes

Tensions reach a boiling point when Krista insults Lindsay during her comedy act. Plus, Coco, 6'6" struggles in the aftermath of asking Wil for an open relationship.

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Episode 5

Going Bigger

Lindsay meets a plastic surgeon to discuss her body issues but Krista worries she isn't facing her real problems. Meanwhile, Alicia Jay seeks a dating coach for advice.

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Episode 6

No Ships Like Friendships

Worried that Lindsay has a drinking problem, Krista takes her to destruction therapy. Katja, 6'8" and Julie, 5'2" seek advice on exercise during pregnancy.

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Episode 7

Legit 7 Footer

Krista, 6'6", worries about 6'9" flatmate Lindsay's recent drinking and arranges a surprise visit from Lindsay's mum. Haleigh, 6'7", is pressured to move home.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Shortest to tallest

Alicia, 6'6", goes to a Christian singles mixer and also tries a blind date. Plus, Katja, 6'8", and partner Julie wait for their pregnancy test results.