Episode 1

A Killer's Secret Play

When a beloved high school football coach is found shot 11 times in his Texas home, investigators discover a secret world of women and underground parties.

Episode 2

Homecoming Nightmare

The murder of a teen cheerleader shocks a small suburban town. When there's a similar murder two weeks later, the town suspect a serial killer is at large.

Episode 3

A Killer's Bet

When a football coach vanishes, police investigate a secret betting ring. A chain of clues leads them to one gambler who couldn't pay up.

Episode 4

Who Shot Darrent Williams?

On New Year's Eve, NFL player and former Texas high school football star Darrent Williams is at a party. Soon after midnight, he's shot dead.

Episode 5

The Muck Bowl Murder

In 2008, Pahokee High School's star football player is shot outside a homecoming dance in Belle Glade, Florida. The investigation reveals the ultimate betrayal.

Episode 6

When Danger Is No Stranger

A 7-year-old cheerleader vanishes at a small Kentucky town's biggest youth football game of the year. When she's found murdered, panic takes over.

Episode 7

Devil Came To Dance

When a popular teenage dancer suddenly disappears one day after practice, friends reveal to police that a man stalked her just days before her disappearance.

Episode 8

When Rules Don't Apply

When a football player starts preying on multiple students and the justice system fails to put an end to his attacks, many wonder if his coach protected him.

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