About The Show

A look at the wild and dangerous world of mudding. Competitors put their buggies to the test for a shot at glory – and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Episode 1

One Nation Under Mud

"Mud King" and Bryce Sparks go head-to-head at the wildest party in the USA. But their grudge spirals out of control when one of them takes it too far.

Episode 2

Ridin' Dirty At Rednecks

Racers gear up for the circuit's wildest event, the Rednecks with Paychecks Fall Mud Crawl. Bryce Sparks sends it to win his daughter a new UTV.

Episode 3

Smash And Drag

At Carter Off-Road Park, Bryce looks to defend his title against his nemesis, Josh. But things quickly get out of hand, ending with a broken rig and a bruised ego.

Episode 4

All's Fair In Mud And War

At Arkansas's Greasy Bend Off-Road Park, rivals Bryce and Josh wager on the small tire bounty course. Larry calls a friend to help him turn his season.

Episode 5

Blood Is Thicker Than Mud

Larry and Bobby enter a wild trail race, using questionable tactics to chase their first win. Bryce dresses to impress on the ATV short course.

Episode 6

Shut Up And Send It

The Josh Carmon vs. Bryce Sparks rivalry is on a collision course for the final event of the fall mud circuit. AJ debuts the largest ATV in the world.

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