Episode 1

The Tuatara

A look at one of the weirdest reptiles on Earth - New Zealand's tuatara. How did it survive when most dinosaurs were driven to extinction?

Episode 2

The Kiwi

A look at the surprising clues of the kiwi's history - and why it evolved into such an odd bird. Plus, how did the secret to the kiwi's success become...

Episode 3

Extreme Survivors

Wildlife must adapt or die in New Zealand's dramatic landscape. How have its animals adjusted to one of the most geologically unstable places on Earth?

Episode 4

A Very Strange Bird

New Zealand's rare kakapo has been called the world's strangest parrot - but why? One of its last refuges may hold the clues and researchers race to save them.

Episode 5

Island Giants

Many of New Zealand's native animals share an unusual trait - they're living giants. From the slopes of an extinct volcano to glacial lakes, researchers find out why.

Episode 6

Violent Seas

A dive beneath the waves in search of the mysterious creatures of New Zealand's oceans, from the southern fjords to the Kaikoura coast and the Milford Sound.

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