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Hop aboard and get an inside look at Donald Trump’s corporate 230 seat jet. It boasts such luxuries as plush leather couches, gleaming mahogany finishes and gold-plated sinks.


Episode 1

CP140 Aurora

A legend of the Cold War returns to prove its worth as a submarine killer, as it trains to protect Canada's massive shoreline against a mock torpedo exercise.

Episode 2

T-38 Talon

The world's first supersonic training jet is the perfect classroom for the next generation of fighter pilots. This two-seater jet is ideal for dogfight training.

Episode 3

CC115 Buffalo

Western Canada's number one search and rescue aircraft, the 'pick-up truck of the sky' is the stalwart that comes to the aid of thousands in distress each year.

Episode 4

Super Guppy

NASA's premier haulage aircraft has played a key role in some of the most important space travel projects ever. After essential maintenance, it is now back in service.

Episode 5


The workhorse of the north, this craft is the supreme choice for Arctic missions. Also the choice for many short-haul flights in North America, it is extremely versatile.

Episode 6

The Best of Mighty Planes

A look back at the best planes from all three series, from billionaire Donald Trump's private plane to the largest passenger plane the Airbus A380.

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