Episode 1

Under Your Skin

Barbra and Michael Mastromarino's life seems perfect. But when a shocking discovery unearths a gruesome secret, the family realise their life is built on a lie.

Episode 2

The Unusual Suspect

When Jeanne Trantel's husband, Stephen, loses his job after 9/11, their relationship begins to splinter. Then, an unexpected call reveals the shocking truth.

Episode 3

Dear Sarah...

A terrible event tore Sarah Ripoli's family apart when she was six years old. The discovery of secret writings from beyond the grave helps her to understand the truth.

Episode 4

Too Good To Be True

The future looks bright for Donna Andersen when James Montgomery enters her life. But she soon makes a discovery that turns her marriage into a living nightmare.

Episode 5

For Better or for Worse

When Butch Halley finds love with Sunny, he can't wait to start their new life together. But sinister rumours soon threaten to tear the family apart.

Episode 6

In Those We Trust

Deborah Jones and Gerard Pepin seem like a perfect match until an accusation tears their marriage apart. Deborah fights to bring him to justice, whatever the cost.

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