About The Show

Journalist Kinga Philipps and filmmaker J.J. Kelley join forces to investigate some of the most fascinating and mind-boggling missing person cases in history.


Episode 1

Secrets To Die For

Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley investigate the disappearances of two men who eerily vanished in the Colorado mountains mere months apart in the 1980s.

Episode 2

Amazon's Atlantis

Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley head into the Amazon following the footsteps of three explorers who went missing whilst searching for the fabled city of Akakor.

Episode 3

Hike Into Hell

Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley journey to Panama to solve the mystery of what happened to two young Dutch women who disappeared while hiking.

Episode 4

Cursed Paradise

J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps head to a remote island in the Galapagos to uncover how and why an Austrian baroness and her lover disappeared in 1934.

Episode 5

Murder In Shangri-La

Kinga and J.J. examine the 2016 disappearance of a social media star who ventured into India's fabled Valley of Death on a spiritual quest and never returned.

Episode 6

Africa's Cursed Mountain

J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps investigate the 2014 disappearance of a man on Zimbabwe's fabled Mount Nyangani. Did he intentionally vanish?

Episode 7

Invisible Empire

Kinga and J. J. head to Malaysia to solve the case of a distance runner who disappeared in 2019. Many locals believe he vanished into a secret realm.

Episode 8

Evil Woods

J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps are in the Philippines to investigate the disappearance of a young man said to have been lured into a vast forest by shadowy forces.

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