Episode 1

Is He A Trick?

Stan and Lisa disagree about money whilst Lacey and Shane adapt to life with a new-born baby. Marcelino struggles to trust Brittany's business partners.

Episode 2

Love At Second Inmate?

Brittany seeks advice from a retired police officer. Britney and Ray's family discuss his debt. Kristianna finds life out of prison harder than she expected.

Episode 3

Conned Again?

Tensions rise when Amber tracks down Puppy. Lacey and Shane's family day doesn't run as smoothly as they'd hoped. Daonte's friend sets him up on blind date.

Episode 4

Players Get Played

With her relationship with Shane on the rocks, Lacey seeks support from her ex-fiancé. Nicolle reaches out to Daonte. Lisa confronts Stan about his fidelity.

Episode 5

Devil On The Shoulder

Stan and Lisa seek help from a pastor about their relationship. John tells Kristianna he doesn't want her sister at the wedding. Brittany tracks down Robert.

Episode 6

The Sober Truth

Lacey drops a bombshell on Shane. Meanwhile, Nicolle makes Daonte a surprising offer, and at the sober house, Brittany faces the man who conned her.

Episode 7

Not One To Mess With

Lisa is exposing Stan's shady past, but what else is he hiding? Meanwhile, Brittany seeks revenge, and tempers flare at Amber and Puppy's double date.

Episode 8

Demon & Lies

Lacey forces Shane to take a lie detector test to determine whether he was cheating. What is he hiding? Meanwhile, Lisa sets up a thirst trap for Stan.

Episode 9

Poly Problems

The bombshells keep coming for Lacey and Shane. What else will be uncovered? Plus, Daonte has an emotional sit-down with Nicolle and Tia.

Episode 10

Put A Ring On It

Lisa hatches a plan for revenge while on a secret rendezvous. Nicolle is faced with a big decision. Puppy shocks Amber with bad news, and there's wedding day drama.

Episode 11

Confessions Of A Serial Liar

Shawn and Sara spend the weekend together! But things soon turn sour with a shocking confession. Meanwhile, Lacey reconnects with Shane.

Episode 12

I'm Not In Love

Days before her wedding, Nicolle's cold feet send her into a breakdown! Plus, Lacey's revelation stuns Shane whilst Sara storms out on Shawn.

Episode 13

I Plead The Fifth

Shawn is ready to take the next step, but Sara is unsure after she discovers a new secret. Meanwhile, Shane and Lacey's fresh start goes bad.

Episode 14

Bride Or Fugitive?

The morning of Nicolle and Tia's wedding is here, and love is in the air! But Daonte plans to crash their big day and break up the couple for good.

Episode 15

Bitter Baby Mamas & Bae-cations

Puppy goes on the run and Kristianna goes missing. Plus, Sara keeps a secret and Lacey confronts John, in the hopes she'll finally get some answers.

Episode 16

Prison Promise

As the season draws to a close, which couples will remain committed and who will bail on their relationships? Plus, a wedding goes horribly wrong!

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