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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Monster Tow Truck & Survival Pod

Carney Joe needs a portable shelter for the freezing nights of the Arctic Circle. Todd & Clint turn an old fuselage into the ultimate survival pod.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Off-Road Wheelchair & Mobile Ice Shack

Trapper Brad needs a portable shelter for fishing. Clint and Todd retrofit and old camper with a snow machine for a one of a kind ice-shack.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

All-Terrain Tracker & Viking Ice Boat

Todd and Clint transform Chad's Geo-Tracker into an Alaskan 'all-season' vehicle. And, a client wants a boat to haul materials across a lake.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

School Bus Sawmill & Float Plane Gator

Backcountry builder, Brandon, needs a mobile sawmill. Clint and Todd convert and old school bus, complete with living quarters.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Alaskan Airboat & ATV Gold Sluice

Clint and Todd face two tough builds. They jury-rig a conveyor system for an Alaskan gold miner and turn a shabby air boat into hunting transport.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

8WD Rescue Vehicle & Monster Minibike

Clint and Todd turn a four-wheeler into a multipurpose tool. And, they find a client for the Hägglunds, making an amphibious rescue vehicle.