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Chris Hansen uses his journalistic skills to unravel America’s most shocking murders, with access to key witnesses, survivors, neighbours and law enforcers.


Episode 1

The Death of a Genius

Walter Sartory's greatest fear was that someone was out to get him. In 2009, his fears came true in a way that even Walter himself could not have predicted.

Episode 2

Slip of the Tongue

Stephen Perret's shooting looks like a mob hit. Police have little evidence, but learn he made a call just before he was killed - but to whom? Chris finds out.

Episode 3

Deadly Compulsive

In Colorado, Tammy Tatum is brutally murdered right near her one-year-old daughter, Sadie. Now 24, she reveals to Chris the shocking truth about the killer.

Episode 4

Murder In Boulder

Promising college senior, Susannah Chase, is brutally attacked near her home just before Christmas. Chris learns the shocking truth behind her murder.

Episode 5

The Odds Are Murder

Poker club owner, Paul Horn, is gunned down in his apartment. Detectives reveal four potential suspects but Chris investigates which one pulled the trigger.

Episode 6

Killer Imprint

After being terrorised and threatened by a friend's partner, Susan Bauer is found dead in her own home. Chris reveals the truth behind her horrific murder.

Episode 7

Victims And Vigilantes

The body of Daavid Campbell is found tortured and floating in a pond in Illinois. Chris explores three motives for the murder - love, money, and revenge.

Episode 8

A Trust Betrayed

When Hannah Hill went missing in 1999, it sparked a tragic chain of events spanning 13 years. Chris discovers the heart-breaking truth behind her disappearance.

Episode 9


Sophia Arnold's body is found at the Mississippi River, where police interview two men whose stories don't match up. Chris unfolds the horrific truth of her murder.

Episode 10

Antique Mystery

20 years after the death of an antiques dealer, the killer is still unknown. Chris re-examines forensic evidence and potential suspects to uncover what happened.

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