About The Show

When two grandparents try to break up their granddaughter’s lesbian relationship, the lovers stab them to death. But it’s not long before the police track them down.


Episode 1

The Death of a Genius

Walter Sartory's greatest fear was that someone was out to get him. In 2009, his fears came true in a way that even Walter himself could not have predicted.

Episode 5

The Odds Are Murder

Poker club owner, Paul Horn, is gunned down in his apartment. Detectives reveal four potential suspects but Chris investigates which one pulled the trigger.

Episode 6

Killer Imprint

After being terrorised and threatened by a friend's partner, Susan Bauer is found dead in her own home. Chris reveals the truth behind her horrific murder.

Episode 9


Sophia Arnold's body is found at the Mississippi River, where police interview two men whose stories don't match up. Chris unfolds the horrific truth of her murder.