About The Show

This series delves into the gruesome world of near-fatal bites. Victims of the lethal toxins released by a snake and the devastating actions of a hungry bear tell their stories.


Episode 1

Snakes, Spiders And Killer Bees

A gruesome look at the first known stiletto snakebite case in America, where the victim's thumb was digested from the inside out.

Episode 2

Great White Shark And Grizzly Bear

A man reveals how he was nearly torn in half by a great white shark. Another man shares how his face was destroyed by a 700lb grizzly bear.

Episode 3

Taipan Snake And Mountain Lion

Using cutting-edge medical advancements, skilled doctors piece back together the body of a man who survived a deadly mountain lion attack.

Episode 4

Alligator And Rattlesnake

Botfly maggots live under Evan's skin and eat his flesh. When Kasey swims across a canal for a dare, he is dragged into a death roll by an alligator.

Episode 5

Tiger Elephant And Snake

State-of-the-art science goes behind near-fatal bites to reveal how the individuals who faced deadly snakes and a 9000-pound elephant managed to survive.

Episode 6

Tiger Shark, Snake And Dog

Jan's head is locked in a tiger's mouth when a policeman takes aim and shoots her by mistake, Kyle is attacked by a tiger shark, and Ona is savaged by...

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