Episode 1

Killers On The Loose

A visit to the chimp sanctuary turns deadly when an alpha male attacks a man and his guide, and a zoo event takes a nasty turn when a tiger breaks...

Episode 2

Killers Of The Savannah

A conservationist has to face down an aggressive lion and a pilot attracts a hyena while camping without a tent. Will they become Human Prey?

Episode 3

Killer Bears

A father and daughter are attacked by a grizzly, a mother and son are mauled by a black bear and two friends are ambushed by a grizzly bear.

Episode 4

River Killers

A golf ball diver is attacked by an alligator, a man snorkelling is dragged under by a crocodile, and in Africa an experienced guide is attacked by a hippo.

Episode 5

Killer Cats And Dogs

A family is stalked by a hungry wolf, a man is attacked by a rabid coyote, and a cyclist is pounced upon by a cougar in a wilderness park.

Episode 6

Killer Sharks

A man ends up inside the jaws of a Great White shark while training for a triathlon, a swimmer is attacked, and a man becomes bait for another Great White.

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