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Women who date extreme mama’s boys find their relationships threatened by their boyfriends’ overbearing mums in a very different kind of love triangle!


Episode 1

He Belongs To Me

Tre makes videos with his mum while his girlfriend sits on the sidelines. Plus, Laila is devastated that Shekeb moved out - and in with someone else!

Episode 1

Watch With Mom

The cast react to the season's most shocking moments, including Kristy and Robert's DNA test and the butt-smack heard around the world.

Episode 2

How Do You Feel About Tests?

Robert knows he needs to tell Kristy about the paternity test. Tre treats his mum to a Valentine's Day dinner. Matt's news may send Kelly to the grave.

Episode 3

Spanky Spanky

Ethan and Leyna are getting married, but she can't stand how he flirts with his own mum! Plus, Laila visits Shekeb's home, where nothing goes as planned.

Episode 4

Sneaky Lil' Snake

Brittany has her first sleepover at Matt's, and Kelly makes it more than memorable. Plus, Shekeb confesses to Emily about having lunch with Yussra.

Episode 5

Are You Calling Me Fat?

Lorenda wonders if space is really what Abbey and Tre need. Plus, Robert needs to win his fight, but Nancy and Kristy can only stay calm for so long.

Episode 6

It's Mama's Day, Honey

Tre and Lorenda discuss temporary boundaries. Kristy and Robert take the paternity test, much to Kristy's dismay. Kelly ambushes Brittany at work.

Episode 7

I Made A Huge Mistake

Shekeb tries to make things right with Emily, but she explores other options. Plus, Tre can't stay away from Lorenda, and Abbey questions their future.

Episode 8

She's That Evil

Brittany retaliates and ambushes Matt. Leyna confronts Esther to enforce boundaries. Kristy and Robert share the paternity test results with Nancy.

Episode 9

Who Invited You?

Leyna asks Ethan to stop flirting with his mum, Matt shares a secret with his mum, and Laila brings an unexpected guest to Emily's dinner party.

Episode 10

We Belong Together

Shekeb takes a break from Emily, Nancy faces the consequences of her actions, and Lorenda has a surprising reaction to Tre's breakup.

Episode 11

I Don't Even Like Your Mom

Shekeb's attempt to bring Laila and Emily together goes south quickly. Robert vows to stay on Kristy's side moving forward. Brittany confronts Matt.

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