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14th July


About The Show

As the modern world becomes progressively automated and mechanised it’s easy to become detached from how things are made and how they work. The hit series returns to uncover the miraculous feats of engineering which underpin life in the 21st century. How the seemingly mundane are often the result of highly sophisticated engineering and production processes. This fascinating behind-the-scenes journey delves deep into the production of everyday modern items from surfboards to satchels and trombones to cricket bats.


Episode 1

Peppermint, Tennis Racquets

How does one family in America make three quarters of the world's peppermint oil? Plus, how are performance-enhancing tennis racquets made?

Episode 2

Trombone, Spanish Bota

How do they make a trombone? How do they make traditional Spanish wineskins? Plus, how do they turn smelly muddy peat into rejuvenating face cream?

Episode 3

Surfboards, Satchels

How do they make the perfect surfboard for catching waves? Plus, how do they turn Danish cream into one of the world's favourite butters?

Episode 4

Flying Horses, Chess Sets

How are million-dollar racehorses transported across the world to their new owners? Plus, what creative methods are used to photograph food?

Episode 5

Stainless Steel, Safe Locks

How do they produce a million tonnes of stainless steel? How do they keep cash safe with an uncrackable lock? How do they make traditional Indian sugar?

Episode 6

Geoduck, Steam Trains

Many items that make up the modern world are the result of sophisticated engineering and production processes. How do they do it?

Episode 7

Bufori Cars, Sports Whistles

How do they build one of the world's most exclusive luxury cars? How do they make a referee's whistle that can be heard above 50,000 screaming fans?

Episode 8

Pile Drivers, Cricket Bats

How do they turn English willow into cricket bats for India's finest cricketers? And, how do they construct the foundations for tall buildings?

Episode 9

Tractors, Cowbells

How do they build a tractor every three minutes to power Indian agriculture? How do they cast the bronze bells that help Swiss farmers keep track of their cows?

Episode 10

Bird's Nest Soup, Rowing Oars

How do they collect millions of real birds' nests to make birds' nest soup? Plus, how do they use aerospace technology to make rowers go faster?

Episode 11

Turbochargers, Plastic Roads

How do they quadruple the power of the world's biggest engines with the most powerful turbochargers? How do they build new roads from old waste plastic?

Episode 12

Sails, Ceremonial Swords

How do they harness the wind to power a racing yacht to Olympic gold? How do they make a sword fit for an officer at the world's largest sword factory?

Episode 13

Guitar Amplifier, Clay Pots

How do they make the amplifier used by rock legends, the famous Marshall amp? Plus, how do they turn wet clay into frost-proof garden pots?

Episode 14

Petronas Window Cleaners

How do they clean the world's tallest twin towers? How do they make a jigsaw where every piece is unique? How do they craft Olympic level hockey sticks?

Episode 15

RVs, Chupa Chups

How do they fit all the features of a luxury apartment into a motorhome? And, how do they make a ballet shoe that can take the weight of a dancer...

Episode 16

Mushrooms, Maps

How do they grow nearly 200,000 tonnes of mushrooms a year in the mushroom capital of the world? And, how do they make billions of life-saving gloves?

Episode 17

Fertiliser, Maple Syrup

How do they mine a million tonnes of fertiliser from below the sea? How do they hand print millions of colourful clothes using the art of batik?

Episode 18

Basmati Rice, Mechanical Birds

How do they turn thousands of tonnes of basmati rice into millions of microwaveable meals? How do they craft beautiful mechanical singing birds?

Episode 19

Hearing Aids, Trains

How do they make an almost invisible hearing aid that connects wirelessly to a phone? How do they build the carriages for London's new underground railway?

Episode 20

Remotely Operated Vehicles

How do they build remote-controlled underwater robots to do jobs too dangerous for human divers? How do they make the world's most cuddly teddy bears?

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