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31st January



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Torture Escape, The

How did Harry Houdini pull off his death-defying escapes? A team of experts investigate his illusions to reveal the secrets of this mysterious stunt.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

To Catch A Bullet

The bullet catch is one of the deadliest tricks in magic history. A team of experts recreate the famed trick to uncover how Houdini could have accomplished it.

Jan 31


Episode 3

Siberian Prison Conspiracy

Was one of Houdini's greatest escapes a conspiracy to spy for the US government? Experts investigate by recreating his break from a Siberian prison van.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Buried Alive

Houdini's mysterious sudden death may not have been an accident. Experts recreate his buried alive escape and investigate if he was killed by more sinister forces.