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13th December



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Pine Hill Massacre

A couple and their young daughter are murdered at home, so police ask the surviving child for clues. Evidence takes them into Philadelphia's criminal underworld.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Professor's Wife

A lecturer finds his wife murdered at home and evidence points to a robbery gone wrong. But, the investigation uncovers it may be more sinister than that.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Family Tragedy

When a toddler's body is found, police immediately suspect the family. But, when the dad claims the mum is missing they quickly learn something very tragic happened.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

High Rise Murder

A woman is found dead in her bathtub and it is assumed she died of natural causes. But, an autopsy reveals she was strangled - who murdered her?

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Danger Comes Home

When a gentle, elderly man is found dead at his home, even hardened Philadelphia detectives are shocked. Who could have killed the 78-year-old man, and why?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Point Blank

When a hardworking mum is shot dead on a sidewalk in 2005, police worked tirelessly to catch the killer. With a murderer on the loose, it was a race against...

Dec 13


Episode 7

Germantown Tragedy

When a badly burnt body is discovered in a house fire, police are unsure if it was arson or an accident. An investigation reveals the shocking truth.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Killer Moves

When a DJ is found brutally murdered outside a radio station, police originally believe it was a robbery gone wrong. The truth reveals he was not just a random victim.