Episode 1

The Kensington Strangler

A nursing student is found brutally murdered in a dilapidated part of Philadelphia. Detectives get on the trail of a serial killer who is targeting women.

Episode 2

Tragedy Strikes Lorena's

A birthday ends in tragedy when a beloved family is found brutally murdered. Detectives are left in the dark until a chance encounter changes everything.

Episode 3

Shattered Dreams

An aspiring artist is found dead in an abandoned house. Her family worry the case will never be solved, but a break in DNA technology gives detectives a lead.

Episode 4

Deadly Circle Of Friends

The murder of a family provides detectives with a chilling link to another case. They must work fast to make an arrest before the killer strikes again.

Episode 5

Deadly Dance

When an exotic dancer is found dead at the bottom of a 12-storey bridge, detectives must determine if it's a suicide or the work of a sinister character.

Episode 6

Winter's Bones

A skeleton is discovered on the edge of a high school football field. It takes a forensic sculptor and tireless detective work to finally bring the killer to justice.

Episode 7

The Thin Blue Line

A police officer is shot dead in a suspected set-up. Detectives take drastic measures to get answers from a tight-lipped local community.

Episode 8

Last Hope

More than two decades after two women are found strangled in Philadelphia, there's renewed hope that DNA breakthroughs could unearth the brutal killer.

Episode 9

Buried Secrets

In 2005, a pregnant mother goes missing in Philadelphia. Detectives stumble on a love-triangle that may explain the secrets behind her death.

Episode 10

The Last Party

A wild party ends in terror as a young mother's cries for help go unnoticed. When detectives retrace her final steps, they find a trap with no way out.

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