About The Show

Galey Alix is a DIY designer who creates dream home renovations. Galey and her team surprise families with stunning transformations in just three days.


Episode 1

Dallas Palace

A couple has become overwhelmed with their home which has turned into their kid's playground. Galey create a dream space the entire family can enjoy.

Episode 2

Order In The Court

A busy couple converted their garage into a bedroom, but they still don't have enough space. Galey step in to to maximize the family's current floorplan.

Episode 3

Dan Cave

A single dad wants to turn his three-story family home into the bachelor pad of his dreams. He has no idea where to begin, so Galey steps in to help...

Episode 4

Served With Love

A chef hates the design in her dream home and her refuge has become a nightmare. In three days, Galey transforms her cold, outdated house into a warm oasis.

Episode 5

Home Safe

After receiving health news, a divorcee needs help turning his home into a place of recovery. Galey transforms his house into a sanctuary of physical and mental wellness.

Episode 6

Casa Blanca

Two years ago, Galey completed renovations for a couple. Now they have two children, so Galey and her team return to tackle their kid's rooms and complete the home.

Episode 7

One Couple, Two Styles

A married couple who recently bought a home are excited to make it their own, but they can never agree on design. Now, they think Galey has the answer.

Episode 8

Calloway Stay

A couple are ready to renovate their dated bedroom and bathroom. Galey feels the pressure to deliver big, and even surprise the kids with a space of their own.

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