Episode 1

Crushed by Love

Bill finds the family he's dreamed of when he meets single mum Rose. Soon after he vanishes without explanation, but did he get cold feet or was he a marked...

Episode 2

Painted in Blood

A modern day princess, Jennifer, marries her prince charming, Joe. But a dark shadow is cast over their storybook romance when Jennifer disappears.

Episode 3

A Ride With Evil

Swimsuit model Summer is swept away by her adoring fiancé Clint. But their love comes crashing down when the couple is fatally separated by a bullet.

Episode 6

Virtual Demise

Southern gentleman Kim VanPelt is a perfect match for caring Sandy Ozment. But their fairytale turns into a nightmare when Sandy is found fatally beaten.

Episode 7

On the Market for Murder

Eddie and Tyler live a seemingly perfectly happy life until a deadly break-in. Now police have to shift through a tangled web of lies to find the killer.

Episode 8

Lethal Love

Carol finds her match when she meets charming Dennis. But their love comes to a painful end when Carol dies unexpectedly. Is he to blame for her sudden death?

Episode 9

Dance with the Devil

When Oscar waltzes into Vic's life, they both know it's forever. But soon death finds its way into the couple's life and police must bring a killer to justice.

Episode 10

Ocean of Evil

Anita is head over heels for her new husband Michael. But the perfect pair are tragically separated when a wave of deception comes crashing down on them.

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