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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Meet The Pack

The Henderson brothers and their dad are all veterinarians. Fox Animal Hospital sees dogs and cats who need help. But, can the vets fix them?

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Music Is Medicine

Dr. Tony and Dr. Ross visit a rescue puppy in need. Dr. Tony helps a pig with overgrown tusks and Dr. Ross prepares to audition for a music producer.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Meet The Parents

A stoned dog is rushed to the clinic after eating a bag of marijuana. A pot-bellied pig rescue has plus-sized problems, and Natalia's mum meets the family.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Hits And Misses

Dr Ross and the team take a trip to a local cat rescue to neuter kittens. And, filming starts on an animal health video that is equal parts medicine and...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

All Creatures Great And Small

A huge mastiff has an infected toenail and Dr Ross treats a bearded dragon. Dr Tony reveals his delicate touch as he removes a cat's cancerous toe.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Born To Be Wild

Dr Ryan and Dr Tony tag team on a rare double knee surgery. A rescued cat melts hearts with his big hugs, and the family gathers at their cabin for...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Donkey Dentist

Dr Ross visits a donkey rescue centre to learn more about equine care. Back at the clinic, Dr Tony helps an injured puppy and Dr Ryan performs a delicate surgery.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Snake, Rattle And Roll

The Fox Hollow crew band together to help clinic dog Barrington lose weight. Dr. Ross and Dr. Ryan head into the field to study rattlesnakes.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Picture Perfect

Dr Ross and Dr Ryan team up to investigate a dog that can't walk. Plus, Dr Ross meets a parrot that has plenty of life experience and Dr Tony helps...