Episode 1

Curse Of The Jungle

Andy tries to survive a remote tropical jungle in Hawaii. Making his electronic equipment work in this environment pushes his hacking skills to the limit.

Episode 2

Desert Island Castaway

Andy is stranded alone on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and with a tropical storm looming, he must use his tech to find food and stay alive.

Episode 3

The Black Bayou

Andy braves the Louisiana swamp, a deadly place packed with alligators, snakes, and dangerous predators. He rigs his bag of tech to escape back to civilisation.

Episode 4

Alaskan Ice Forest

Andy braves a remote forest in Alaska, a terrain that's rugged, wet, and cold. To return to civilisation, he must use his tech to stay warm, dry, and alive.

Episode 5

Deadly Glacier

Andy is stuck on a remote glacier in Alaska, a place almost totally devoid of life and resources. To escape, he must hack his tech gear to fight the snow...

Episode 6

Escape From Death Valley

California's Death Valley is one of the toughest places to survive on earth. Andy heads into this desolate landscape hoping his tech will keep him alive.

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