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About The Show

A look at the Battle of Hastings, exploring the technology and weaponry used and how the Norman Conquest changed England’s history forever.


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Episode 1


Looks at the Scottish struggle for independence from England, which spectacularly climaxed with a battle at Bannockburn against a huge English army.

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Episode 2


Explores how this 100 Years' War battle saw Henry V's small and exhausted army gain control of Normandy in an incredible reversal of military fortune.

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Episode 3


Explores how King Charles I's Cavaliers clashed with his own Parliament's Roundheads in the most crucial encounter of the English Civil War.

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Episode 4


Looks at how the Duke of Marlborough marched his army 500km across Europe and, with his Austrian allies, defeated a seemingly invincible French army.

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Episode 5


Explores this masterpiece of military strategy as, in a lightning campaign, Napoleon marched his army into the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Episode 6

Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge was an impenetrable fortress and thousands had died trying to attack it, but it took four Canadian divisions just hours to conquer it.