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Former Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz gets a close-up look at Excalibur, a 155mm cannon-fired projectile that can hit its target from 25 miles away!


Episode 1


A look at the secret device that will tear apart terrorist bombs, the new squad weapon that will get you out of an ambush and the US Army's latest sniper...

Episode 2

Non-Lethal Special

Find out how taser technology has been advanced for military use and how hi-tech nets are being used to stop vehicles and trap suicide bombers.

Episode 3

Close Protection

An exclusive look at the top secret device that can stop terrorist smuggling bombs and guns on to passenger jets and the latest multi-calibre combat weapon.

Episode 4


Future Weapons travels to Middle East to uncover the very latest weapons being designed for the Israel Defence Forces.

Episode 5


Looks at guns like the rapid-fire cannon that's a hit with the US military, the famous Gatling gun that rains fire on its targets and a new multi-calibre assault weapon.

Episode 6

Future Warrior

Mack tracks down the new weapons and defence systems taking their place in the world's arsenal to deal with the changing missions of 21st century warfare.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

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