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Josh Gates investigates unsolved stories across the globe. He interviews key eyewitnesses and uncovers recent developments before exploring.


Episode 1

Dillinger's Lost Loot

Josh Gates joins the hunt for notorious bank robber John Dillinger's lost fortune. Chasing leads across the Midwest, he dives an icy lake at a Wisconsin lodge.

Episode 2

The Lost Avenger

Josh investigates a three-man crew of WW2 Navy pilots lost in the Pacific for 75 years. He embarks on a daring mission to find their plane.

Episode 3

Ransom In The Sky

Josh has new evidence to finally unravel the mysterious case of DB Cooper, America's only unsolved skyjacking. The search uncovers a new suspect.

Episode 4

The Quest For El Dorado

Josh treks deep into Colombia's deadly jungle to unravel the El Dorado myth and retrace the steps of Spanish conquistadors.

Episode 5

Uncovering The Golden City

The hunt for El Dorado is Josh's most gruelling journey ever as a raging river puts the crew in danger. And, cutting-edge aerial scans reveal a lost city.

Episode 6

America's Titanic

Josh dives the Atlantic in search of millions in lost coins sunk with America's Titanic. New sonar scans may lead to the wreckage and the lost fortune.

Episode 7

The Bootlegger's Millions

Josh chases the lost fortune of infamous bootlegger Dutch Schultz. He dives the murky shore near Dutch's lavish New York mansion.

Episode 8

Lindbergh's Lost Rival

Josh goes on an international search for history's most famous lost plane. Chasing new leads, he scours two continents to find the lost "White Bird."

Episode 9

Outlaw Fortune

Josh heads to the Wild West in search of the hidden loot that was heisted by the infamous group of lawmen turned criminals, the Dalton Gang.

Episode 10

Buried Secrets Of Hitler

Josh jets to Poland to open a secret Nazi tunnel in a dormant volcano. He helps tear away a stone wall built by the Germans in the last days of...

Episode 11

Buried Secrets Of The Nazis

Josh rafts into an abandoned tunnel system to chase art and treasure stolen by the Third Reich. Later, he searches for a buried Nazi Enigma machine.

Episode 12

Knights Templar Treasure Hunt

Josh digs in to unearth the secret world of the Knights Templar. He joins an excavation of a rare Templar gravesite in eastern Europe.

Episode 13

Chasing Everglades Treasure

Josh digs into the swamp to hunt the lost fortune of notorious bootleggers and bank robbers, the Ashley Gang. He re-traces the family's criminal empire.

Episode 14

Mysteries Of Moses

Josh looks to answer enduring questions around Moses' existence. He opens an ancient Egyptian tomb and treks what could be the true Mount Sinai.

Episode 15

Chasing The Mysteries Of Moses

Josh re-traces Moses' steps from Mount Sinai to the Israeli desert. He dives the Sea of Galilee and investigates what could be Moses' tomb.

Episode 16

Egypt's Lost Tombs

Josh joins an active dig of 4000-year-old tombs in Egypt. He uncovers mummies and treasure that may solve the mysterious collapse of ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom.

Episode 17

Egypt's City Of The Dead

Josh completes his Saqqara necropolis dig investigating the collapse of Egypt's Old Kingdom. Opening several tombs, he finds treasure and haunting remains.

Episode 18

Donner Party Horror And Heroes

Josh treks the punishing Donner Pass. He uncovers how desperate pioneers trapped by blizzards in the Sierra Nevada mountains turned to cannibalism.

Episode 19

Escaping The Rock

Josh retraces the 1962 Alcatraz escape. New leads take him from San Francisco to Brazil where he finds evidence that re-writes the FBI's version of the story.

Episode 20

Finding Italy's Lost Empire

Searching a city of the dead, Josh unearths artifacts from the mysterious Etruscans who ruled central Italy before being conquered by the Roman Empire.

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