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2nd June


About The Show

Josh Gates investigates unsolved stories across the globe. He interviews key eyewitnesses and uncovers recent developments before exploring.


Episode 1

Dillinger's Lost Loot

Josh Gates joins the hunt for notorious bank robber John Dillinger's lost fortune. Chasing leads across the Midwest, he dives an icy lake at a Wisconsin lodge.

Episode 2

The Lost Avenger

Josh investigates a three-man crew of WW2 Navy pilots lost in the Pacific for 75 years. He embarks on a daring mission to find their plane.

Episode 3

Ransom In The Sky

Josh has new evidence to finally unravel the mysterious case of DB Cooper, America's only unsolved skyjacking. The search uncovers a new suspect.

Episode 4

The Quest For El Dorado

Josh treks deep into Colombia's deadly jungle to unravel the El Dorado myth and retrace the steps of Spanish conquistadors.

Episode 5

Uncovering The Golden City

The hunt for El Dorado is Josh's most gruelling journey ever as a raging river puts the crew in danger. And, cutting-edge aerial scans reveal a lost city.

Episode 6

America's Titanic

Josh dives the Atlantic in search of millions in lost coins sunk with America's Titanic. New sonar scans may lead to the wreckage and the lost fortune.

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