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Josh Gates investigates unsolved stories across the globe. He interviews key eyewitnesses and uncovers recent developments before exploring.


Episode 1

Great Lakes' Vanished Warships

Diving into Lake Superior, Josh has brand-new intel that may finally solve a 100-year-old mystery: the resting place of two WW1 minesweepers.

Episode 2

Lost Tomb Of The Viking King

Josh chases the treasure of legendary Viking Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson. The discovery of a mysterious gold artifact sends Josh through Scandinavia.

Episode 3

Treasure Of The Pirate King

Josh finds coins from an epic pirate treasure. He leaps into the frigid North Atlantic to recover the riches of feared pirate, Henry Avery.

Episode 4

Lost City Of The Gospels

Josh heads to the Holy Land to find a lost city where Jesus performed many of his miracles. He reveals an inscription that hasn't been seen in 1,400 years.

Episode 5

Looted Treasures Of Cambodia

In remote jungles, Josh explores one of the 20th century's biggest heists: the looting of Cambodian statues. He descends into a crumbling pyramid.

Episode 6

Cambodia's Stolen Monuments

A secret meeting with a Cambodian looter puts Josh on the trail of valuable stolen monuments. Diving into a moat, he unearths a priceless lost statue.

Episode 7

Hunt For Spain's King Arthur

Josh explores Spain's treacherous La Garma cave system and finds 1,000-year-old human remains. He seeks proof of Spain's legendary King Pelayo.

Episode 8

Sunken Pyramids Of The Nile

Josh heads to the Kingdom of Kush to dive the flooded pyramid tomb of a king. It could unlock the mystery of a civilization that once conquered Egypt.

Episode 9

Mystery Of The Flooded Pyramid

Josh scales a mountain to learn how a Kush king conquered Egypt. He braves the murky waters for one more dive to find the king's mummified remains.

Episode 10

Riches Of Spain's Pirate King

Josh chases the treasure of the infamous pirate Amaro Pargo. A search of the Canary Islands leads him beneath a volcano to dive for the pirate's hoard.

Episode 11

Hunt For The Secret Seaplane

Josh searches for a top-secret WWII seaplane that crashed into the Pacific. He scours the ocean floor to find the only XP5Y-1 still in existence.

Episode 12

Sunken Treasure Of The Bahamas

Josh helps recover the richest stash of lost treasure in the Americas. He dives the Caribbean to retrieve it from the Spanish galleon Maravillas.

Episode 13

Missing Heroes Of WW2

Josh dives into America's daring response to Pearl Harbor. Using new intel, he helps Project Recover to find 40 planes and 200 American heroes lost.

Episode 14

Finding The Lost Pilots Of WW2

Josh dives into the Navy's heroic Pearl Harbor counterattack. New intel leads to an historic discovery: the first US plane ever found from this battle.

Episode 15

Chasing Bonnie And Clyde

Tracking the outlaw couple, Josh scours a legendary Bonnie and Clyde hideout. Then he hits the road to the site of the duo's most notorious shootout.

Episode 16

Lost City Of The White Jaguar

Trekking deep into Mexico's narco-controlled jungles, Josh hunts for the last Mayan stronghold to ward off the Spanish conquistadors.

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