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A hidden army of workers are keeping the world’s cargo moving. Whether it’s high-value or high-volume, they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure their cargo gets delivered on time.


Episode 1

Carriage 58/Yachts/Steel Ship

Kieran struggles to get a 26-tonne train rolling for the first time in 60 years. Plus, Colin has 48 hours to load ten valuable racing yachts.

Episode 2

Jack Up Rig P1 - Darwin/Mining Machine

A heavy lift vessel takes onboard a 23,000-tonne oil rig. Plus, a blanket of fog keeps one of the world's biggest airplanes grounded.

Episode 3

Satellite/Liverpool Flyover/Wood Ship

Massive machines are brought in to move a raised dual carriage way. Plus, a team race against time to underload a shipment of timber.

Episode 4

Gantry Cranes P1 - China/Herb Isles/Sand Ship

It's a race against time as six massive container cranes have to be loaded in three days. And, a ferry is in urgent need of repair.

Episode 5

Rotor/Super Cars/Fertilizer Ship

Craig has 48 hours to get four super cars to Spain. And, rain threatens to ruin an incoming shipment of fertiliser worth up to £45,000,000.

Episode 6

Monopiles P1/King Edward Train

One of the biggest heavy lift vessels in the world is squeezed through a narrow canal in Germany. Plus, a 90-tonne locomotive is loaded onto a truck.

Episode 7

Jack Up Rig P2 - Melbourne/Boat Doors/Christmas Trees

A 23,000 tonne oil rig needs offloading in Melbourne. Plus, a driver battles bad weather to deliver Christmas trees.

Episode 8

Gantry Cranes P2 - Miami/Cables/Pastor Pete

In Miami, there are just two days to unload six container cranes. Plus, Martin has to check and store 1,200 metres of mooring ropes.

Episode 9

New Haven Bridge/Sawn Timber/Flying Fish

Mark has to offload 2,800 tonnes of timber before the weather turns. And, Chris transports a 57-metre-long bridge section.

Episode 10

Monopiles - P2/ Spanish Trains/Refuse Bails

The loading of wind turbine sections threatens to capsize a ship. And, 3,000 bales of compacted rubbish are shipped to Sweden.

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