Episode 1


Sacha weighs 33 stone. She fed her son Lewis when he was a baby to stop him crying. Aged nine, he's now an overeater. Sacha wants to lose weight to...

Episode 2


Daniel weighs 40st and after three heart attacks, his life is at grave risk. Will gastric bypass surgery and an apronectomy help him - literally - to get back on...

Episode 3


Thirty-year-old Craig is so morbidly obese that his wife does everything for him. He finally gets NHS funding for gastric bypass surgery - but will it make a difference?

Episode 4


29-stone Joy's ambition is to lose weight so she can take a hot air balloon ride and skydive. She even wants to ditch her car and become a biker. Can...

Episode 5


Guy weighs 32 stone, is single and lives alone. He blames depression and overeating for his weight gain and is caught in a vicious cycle that is proving difficult to...

Episode 6

Sarah & Lubna

Lubna weighs 25 stone and is too ashamed to leave the house. Sarah has lost over nine stone since having gastric bypass surgery, but is unhappy with her body.

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