Episode 1

Lifting The Mask

In 1986 the body of Patrice LaBlanc surfaces in a Texas Lake. She's been stabbed, and her boyfriend, also known as drag queen Brandi West, is found guilty.

Episode 2

Killing One's Own

Were Loyd and Agnes Courtney beaten and stabbed to death by their daughter Deborah? Prosecutors say it was for money, but Deborah says she didn't do it.

Episode 3

The Angel Of Death

20 patients at a Texas hospital are murdered. Nurse Vickie Jackson is sentenced to life. She now says she's innocent and knows who the real killer is.

Episode 4

A Fatal Attraction

An elderly lady and her care taker are murdered. Earl Linebaugh and Melissa Harris are sentenced to life with no parole, but Melissa says she's a victim too.

Episode 5

Gone Too Soon

Baby Dylan was 3 months old when his mum shook him to death. She claims it was an accident but was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 50 years.

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