Episode 1

Singapore Skypark

Danny is in Singapore, where the world's first Skypark is being built on top of three skyscrapers. Watch as he helps with some of the heaviest lifts ever tried.

Episode 2

Kuwait Towers

Danny Forster is in Kuwait where the world's tallest twisting structure, the Al Hamra tower, is build. Clad in limestone, it is capped by a 17-story open restaurant.

Episode 3

New Orleans Surge Barrier

Danny is in New Orleans where they are building the world's strongest hurricane protection system which includes the largest storm surge barrier ever.

Episode 4

Rio De Janeiro Power Grid

Danny is in Brazil where they are building one of the world's largest hydroelectric projects, tunnelling through seven mountains and building two dams.

Episode 5

South African Gold Mine

Danny Forster visits the deepest place on Earth; South Africa's Mponeng Gold Mine - the most dangerous construction site on the planet.

Episode 6

Melbourne Stadium

Danny is in Melbourne, Australia where they are building one of the most innovative stadiums ever. It will be the ultimate fan experience, and an icon for the city.

Episode 7

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Danny Forster visits the most expensive public works project ever in California. Crews are racing to earthquake-proof the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Episode 8

Gotthard Base Tunnel

Danny investigates the Gotthard Base Tunnel; costing 18 billion dollars, it's the longest in the world, making journeys through the Alps three times faster.

Episode 9

Abu Dhabi Central Market

Danny explores Abu Dhabi's Central Market - a hub for an emerging world destination, complete with offices, parks, shops, and hotels.

Episode 10

Port of Rotterdam

Danny explores the Port of Rotterdam, where crews are in the middle of the largest Earth-moving project in history, to triple the port's capacity.

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