Episode 1

Rebuilding New York City's Subway

Danny Forster investigates the most important public works project in New York City's history, the $15 billion expansion of the subway system.

Episode 2

London's Olympic Aquatic Stadium

Danny Forster visits the London Aquatics Centre, which hosted 44 swimming and diving events during the 2012 Olympics.

Episode 3

Constructing Serbia's Longest Bridge

Danny Forster travels to Belgrade to see how the Sava River Bridge, the world's largest single pylon cable-stayed bridge, is progressing.

Episode 4

Azerbaijan's Amazing Transformation

Azerbaijan is reinventing itself after decades as part of the Soviet Union. Danny Forster goes behind the scenes of Baku's construction projects.

Episode 5

Drought-Proofing Australia

Danny heads to Melbourne, where after years of extreme droughts they are securing the future of the city's water supplies with a huge desalination plant.

Episode 6

Amsterdam's Futuristic Floating City

Danny Forster explores some amazing feats of engineering designed by some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.

Episode 7

Building Mumbai's Modern Airport

Danny heads to India to see one of the country's most ambitious undertakings ever, the $2 billion expansion of Mumbai Airport.

Episode 8

Turkey's Mammoth Hydropowered Dam

Danny heads to Turkey where amid the country's most challenging terrain, one of the tallest and strongest dams ever made is being constructed.

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