About The Show

Car experts Rick Dore and Chuck Palumbo are on a crusade to save some of the world’s most precious classic cars from oblivion by overhauling extreme car hoards.


Episode 1

The Almond Lord

Rick, Chuck and the Slam team are back in action, squaring off against their toughest hoarder yet, an almond farmer looking to restore a 1936 Ford Coupe.

Episode 2

Bird Up

Rick and Chuck restore a 1957 Thunderbird for a Vietnam vet in the mountains, who is looking to reconcile his relationship with the car's original owner, his father.

Episode 3

Hemi Hideaway

Rick and Chuck customize a 1937 Dodge Pickup for a grieving father, while Rick's son Michael builds a show car for rocker James Hetfield.

Episode 4

Lords of the Zephyr

A visit to an historic car auction in Paris has Rick's mind racing. The guys swing for the fences customizing a 1937 Zephyr for a demanding millionaire.

Episode 5

Fair Amount of Clutter

After a build that went far over budget, Rick and Chuck encounter a rare 1958 Chrysler 300D, but they must tackle a devious hoarder with a hidden agenda.

Episode 6

All or Nothing

Rick and ex-wrestler Chuck go for broke with a rare 1958 Chrysler 300D that could either take SLAM's business to a level, or potentially sink it for good.

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