About The Show

Josh Gates conducts a worldwide search of life outside earth. He explores ancient signs of aliens, uses futuristic technology and hunts for meteorite fragments.


Episode 1

Close Encounters

Josh Gates starts his extra-terrestrial search with a visit to NASA and an alien-hunting expedition in Chile, where scientists make new discoveries.

Episode 2

Ancient Visitors

Josh is on Easter Island, where ancient alien theorists believe aliens visited millennia ago. And, he goes meteorite hunting in Zimbabwe.

Episode 3

UFOs Over England

In Zimbabwe Josh interviews witnesses to one of the largest ever UFO sightings. Then, in England, he examines a case known as "Europe's Roswell."

Episode 4

Roswell Revealed

Josh's search for alien life ends in the USA, with a hot case in Arkansas. And, there's shocking new evidence in the Roswell crash.

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