About The Show

Adventure cameraman, Mungo, embarks on a journey to discover more about the myths and legends he’s only heard of during his 20 years traveling the world.


Episode 1

Cold Blooded Peruvian Predator

The villagers of Yacumama live in fear of a 150 ft. long super-snake that has attacked and killed. Mungo embarks on a mission to learn the truth.

Episode 2

South American Squatch Of Argentina

A bigfoot-like beast with superhuman strength is said to live in the foothills of the Andes. What is the Ucumar - a bear or a yeti?

Episode 3

India's Monkey Man Monster

In 2001 New Delhi was gripped with terror as a "half-human" hybrid attacked locals. Mungo attempts to uncover the truth of the mysterious Monkey-Man.

Episode 4

Deadly Dragon Of Borneo

The rivers of Borneo are prowled by Genali, a "serpent" that hunts children as they swim. Mungo tries to separate fact from fiction - could it be a python?

Episode 5

Living Dinosaur Of Liberia

A huge crocodilian known as the Gbahali is killing people in Liberia. Mungo wonders if it is a species more akin to a dinosaur than others alive today?

Episode 6

Namibia's Dog-Headed Pig Monster

Mungo travels to Namibia to investigate the Dog-Headed Pig Monster, a beast that prowls the night, preying on livestock and village children.

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